How to change the Email Sender in WordPress

In the daily basis as a WordPress site owner, we receive email notifications when someone submitted a comment, when a user signed up or did anything that required that WordPress send us an Email.

This Email by default, used a pretty generic name and address in the from sender.

Email Generic Address

Email Generic Address

Sometimes a client or ourselves want to customize this address, basically to avoid the filter spam or just for aesthetic, to archive this there is two ways to do that.

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Eliminar campo email de los comentarios de WordPress

Wow, Hacia tiempo que no me pasaba por aquí, pero estamos de vuelta.

Hoy en los foros preguntaron como se podia eliminar el campo email y agregar un campo personalizado en el formulario de los comentarios de WordPress, esta tarea aunque parece simple tiene un poco de truco ya que se deben hacer modificaciones en 3 partes distintas:

  • Front-End (Formulario)
  • Back-end (Salvar la info del nuevo campo)
  • Admin (Agregar una columna y mostrar el valor del nuevo campo)

He creado un simple plugin que hace esto, agregando un campo llamado “Phone”, aquí se los dejo.

Y el Plugin Zipeado listo para instalar



New look and better support system

Hey you guys and gals.

Just to let you know, a new version of my page is ready and is up, one of the must important things about this new version is the Support System, the tracking for support before this, basically was comments on the product’s pages, and that was hard to track (Sell Page, Demo Page, Email, Forums etc).

Now, in this version. I centralize the support in just one place in this way is more easy for me and overall more efficient for you to get support faster and in a better way, you can get track of your issues, get a historial, all the goodies from a Help Desk.

The new requests for support are not closed just to this Help Desk, you can still use, Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc, but ALL the requests will be channeled via the Help Desk.


Best Regards!!

jQuery tweets tutorials by Greg Sidelnikov – Part 3

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