Dettagli Portfolio

Show your work in a beautiful way

Show your work in a beautiful way with this section, Detaggli Portfolio can be use for show a photographer’s work, a designer’s work or just to show personal images using great transitions and effects driven by CSS3 and jQuery, also, all happens in just one site thanks to ajax.

Show details for the selected project and the thumbnails preview for all the project with a filter powered by Isotope.

In the details the section shows the title, excerpt client and project details with a navigation Next – Back Buttons.
In the previews you can filter the projects by category and see a cool thumbnail preview.

The Dettagli Portfolio has more than 20 options to play with.

    • Fully Resizable
    • All colors are configurable
    • iPhone/iPad & Android support
    • IE9+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari Support
    • Transitions driven by CSS3 and jQuery
    • And many more…

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